Is cold water bad for you? Effects & Risks

Water is an essential part of human as well as all living being life. It is a universal solvent. Water is required by the body for functioning, development, and growth. Without water, people cannot survive. Staying hydrated is a key part of life for mental and physical health.

There is an assumption that cold water is bad for your health. It is based on that cold water can cause respiratory and induce cold. So, most people prefer to take warm water if possible.

Today in this article we are going to discuss the effects of cold water on human health and functioning.

Is cold water bad for your kidneys?

Water passes through mouth, oesophagus, stomach, and intestine before reaching kidney. So even cold water remain in equilibrium with body temperature before reaching kidney. Drinking cold water damages your kidney functioning is a complete myth. Even block ice will remain in equilibrium with body temperature before reaching kidney as water.

However cold water is not completely beneficial to health. It hinders the digestive process and irritates a sore throat.

Risks of drinking cold water

There is nothing like a glass of cold water when you are extremely thirsty. But you might have to think twice before drinking cold water on summer days. It has a large number of risks to human health which includes

Weight gain:

You might think body fat will burn during heating a cold inside the body. So cold water will help you to lose weight and burn away your.  Instead, cold water solidifies fat stored in tissue causing then even hard to break down to produce energy. It will cause to you gain weight.

Gastrointestinal upset:

Cold water can cause constipation to an individual. Cold water decreases the secretion of digestive juice inside the gastrointestinal tract. It makes food less digestible.moreover coldwater solidifies chewed food and makes it hard to digest by digestive enzymes.

Irritates throat:

Cold water might seems the best way to drink while you are thirsty. But it causes irritation in the throat which makes other food difficult to swallow.

Decreases rehydration:

Cold water is not easily absorbed by the human body, so there is a problem of less water absorbed by the human body which might cause dehydration,

Saps energy:

The body requires extra energy to heat cold water. It will use more energy when we drink cold water.


Cold water can include headaches to an individual. Due to the difference in temperature between the water and the body, it can cause severe headaches.

Slow Heart Rate:

Cold water will slow the heart rate. The temperature difference might cause vagus nerve to decrease heart rate. Hypothermia might occur drinking cold water in freezing environments.

Is cold water bad for your liver?

Cold water does not directly affect the liver as water has to pass through mouth, oesophagus, stomach and intestine before reaching the liver. Cold water gains heat energy from the body and remains in equilibrium with body temperature. However cold water can show indirect effects on the liver. It reduces liver secretion by slowing digestion rate. It also decreases the assimilation of nutrients in the liver.

Is cold water bad for your skin?

Drinking cold water is not much help from the human body. However cold water on skin is extremely beneficial if applied in the appropriate amount. Cold water helps the body to close pores to close which prevents dirt and pathogens from getting in. Cold water also can reduce acene. It does not allow pollutant to attach on the skin.

Benefits of drinking cold water in the morning

Warm water increases the secretion of the digestive enzyme in the stomach and increases the overall digestion of food. But during morning time, the stomach is empty. So secretion of digestive juices can irritate the lining of stomach and intestine. It can cause pain in the stomach and intestine.

However cold water decreases gastric secretion. The empty stomach is morning time will have less interaction with gastric juice. It helps to protect corroding of the stomach and intestinal lining by gastric secretion.

Warm water can increases circulation rate, but cold water can burn a few more calories of the body to heat.

Effects of cold water on digestion

Gastric juices secretion is inhibited by the intake of cold water. Cold water also reduces gastrointestinal motility. The blood vessels are shrunk by the intake of cold water. These all factor affects the digestion due to cold water. Moreover, cold water also codifies chewed food which makes them very difficult to digest.

Drinking cold water on an empty stomach is very beneficial to human health.

Drinking cold water vs room temperature water

There is a long-standing discussion which is better for human health cold water or room temperature water. But there is no argument on drinking more water. Human body temperature is about 98.6-degree Celsius.

Cold water is much beneficial during summer days. It helps to lower the body temperature instantly and prevent from loss of water through sweating. Cold water extremely helps in the empty stomach during the morning period. However cold water is not beneficial to the health of an individual. It can cause a constipation sore throat, common cold, headaches to a person.

Room temperature water is generally advised to drink for long-term health benefits. It has following health benefits

  • Enhances digestion process
  • Prevents from throat irritation
  • Conserve energy
  • Prevents from hypothermia

At last, water is an integral part of human life .more than half of the human weight is composed of water.

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