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Insulin sensitivity defines how responsive cell mediators are against insulin. More the sensitivity of the cell to insulin, lower will be blood sugar level which will prevent from a heart condition and type 2 diabetes.

Insulin is an essential hormone that controls blood sugar level. It is produced in islets of Langerhans of the pancreas and supplied to different parts of the body through the systemic circulation. Insulin helps cells to utilize glucose in the blood to produce energy. Without insulin as a mediator cell completely cannot utilize glucose present in blood and blood sugar level rises. Insulin deficiency also can cause type 2 diabetes. Besides it also can increase the chance of heart condition.

When cells become insulin resistant, the cell will not be able to store glucose, so the blood sugar level rises, response to the high sugar level pancreas produces more insulin to reduce the sugar level. Due to high levels of insulin, cells start to lose sensitivity against it which decrease the sensitivity of insulin.

How to increase insulin sensitivity naturally?

Insulin sensitivity must be maintained if not individual might suffer from a serious health condition. Insulin sensitivity can be increased naturally which includes

Get proper sleep:

Good sleep is required for better health. Research has shown that proper rest can increase the insulin sensitivity of cells.

Regular exercise:

Exercise helps human cells metabolizes more and more blood sugar to produce energy. This does not cause to increase insulin level to reduce blood sugar. It ultimately makes insulin more sensitivity.

Reduce stress:

Stress helps to increase blood sugar level. The high amount of stress causes to release glucagon and cortisol. It aids in the breakdown of stored sugar as glycogen which causes an increase of sugar level of blood high sugar level makes insulin less sensitive.

Lose extra pounds:

The extra fat in your belly can metabolize to produce energy when ketosis is achieved. It causes an increase in sugar level and ultimately makes insulin less sensitive.

Consumption of low carbohydrate diet:

Low carbohydrate diet will help to lower blood sugar which ultimately increases insulin sensitivity.

Avoiding alcohol and drinks:

Beverage and sugary drinks contain a high amount of starch which provides high blood sugar level and causes insulin sensitive to drop drastically.

Green leafy vegetable and fruits:

Vegetable fruits contain minerals and vitamin which are required to increase use of blood sugar by cells.

Green tea extract:

It has antioxidant property .hence it will enhance the metabolism of blood glucose and makes insulin more sensitivity.

Apple cider vinegar:

It boosts the overall functioning of cells and digestive tract to increase insulin sensitivity.

Insulin sensitivity bodybuilding

Insulin has an anabolic effect. The main function of insulin is to help to store glucose in adipose tissue as glycogen. It increases the activity of the cell, helps to store fat. It also can volumize cell

athlete, and bodybuilder takes insulin to increase stamina endurance. It also helps to grow muscle mass as in promotes protein synthesis.

Insulin also prevents the breakdown of protein fat as an energy source.

However, taking insulin shot to increase the size of body muscle might be unhealthy and makes very prone to diseases.

Insulin sensitivity test

No only test can provide information on insulin sensitivity. Instead, health partner takes a bunch of test of blood to asses whether insulin sensitivity is developed or not which includes

Glucose Level:

It measures the amount of glucose present in the bloodstream. As the main insulin function is directly associated with high glucose level. The amount of glucose will give information on how is insulin sensitive.

Lipid profile:

Another function of insulin is to promote protein synthesis and prevent fat metabolism for energy. The level of triglycerides will determine how much fat is being burned from the body to asses the effect of insulin.

There are many another test which will provide insulin level production of beta cells of Langerhans of the pancreas. It will help to get information on insulin resistance.

Insulin sensitivity vs insulin resistance

Insulin sensitivity causes cells to store glucose and enhance protein synthesis and fat storage whereas insulin resistance decreases the use of glucose b cells for energy production.

When the level of blood sugar is high, increase release more insulin hormone to control blood sugar, but due to high levels of insulin for a longer period. Cells tend to develop resistance for insulin. This resistance is the root cause of insulin resistance type 2 diabetes.

The low or appropriate level of insulin is required to maintain insulin sensitivity of cells.

At bottom

Insulin very important hormone to control the level of blood sugar. High blood sugar will cause more release of insulin and less effect of insulin of cells.

It is necessary to maintain insulin sensitivity for a healthy life free from the heart and type 2 diabetes problem.

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