Chronic Depression Symptoms & Treatment Test

Chronic depression also was known as dysthymia, or persistent depressive disorder is a state where people do not get excited over the things they used to love before. They do not show the same energy levels and passion they used to show before.

Nowadays, people are so much involved in their own life. People use tv and internet as a source of entertainment instead of attending a social gathering. People enjoy buying their day to day thing online instead of going to a market meeting new people. It has caused people to have almost no social life at all.

Chronic depression

Chronic depression has impacted not only an individual personal life but also at their families, friends, peers and neighbors lives. It decreases the work efficiency of people at schools and the workplace. Chronically depressed people remain quiet, alone doing nothing which is not good for their psychological state.

People are suffering from problems of depression because of various social factors and individual failure. People suffering from depression are not happy in their life. They are sad and prefer to stay alone all the time. Depressed people do not find any pleasure in the things they used to love before.

The main causes behind chronic depression include

Life events:

Traumatic events like loss of a beloved one and hurt in an accident have caused people to suffer from depression. Stress and failure in their work and love life have brought depression to an individual.

Biological difference:

Certain medical condition may induce dipression to a person.

Childhood trauma:

People who suffered the trauma of some kinds in their childhood tend to suffer from depression in their adulthood.

Genetic traits:

People whose relatives are suffering from depression are likely to suffer themselves too.

Whatever the cause might be, depression has caused deep negative effects on individual lives. People suffering from chronic depression are more prone to suicide attempts and risking others lives too.

Symptoms of chronic depression

Depressed people show various symptoms in the day to day activities. They might show constant changes in mood, behavior and more angrier than before. Some common symptoms include

  1. More anger than before
  2. Rapidly changing moods and behaviors
  3. Felling empty and hopelessness
  4. Do not have any passion or hobbies in work and schools
  5. Lack of sexual desire
  6. Insomnia or excessive sleeping
  7. Delayed response conversation
  8. Inability to concentrate
  9. Difficulty in sexual performance
  10. Prefer to stay alone rather than talk to people
  11. Fatigue and digestive problems
  12. Reduced work performance
  13. Excessive drinking and use narcotics
  14. Involved in high-risk activities
  15. Not enjoying things that used to before
  16. Thoughts and attempts of suicide

Chronic depression tests

People suffered from depression can be recognized easily by their behaviors and habits. However, confirming their depression and finding what is the cause behind it might be a difficult task.

A mental health professional can easily identify depression by observing their behavior and talking to them. Depression is generally identified from the symptoms a patients shows and is categorized to have a better understanding.

A person suffering from depression has to through the sessions of therapy to find cause and treatment procedure In general.

Chronic depression treatment

Depressed people can put their as well as other lives in danger. They can affect the lives of people living around them. So its need to be treated. Generally following procedure taken for treatment of chronic depression


A person suffering from depression can undergo a session of therapy. Sometimes all depressed people need is proper counseling from a trained professional to overcome their problems.


Drugs can also play a part in the treatment of chronic depression. Generally antidepressant treats people suffering from depression. Stimulants of the central nervous system can also resolve the problem.

Support from families and relatives:

Family, friends, relatives can play a key to helping people with chronic depression. Their love, support, guidance can help them from their problems.

Avoiding alcohol and drugs:

Alcohol and narcotics can also cause depression. Quitting the use of this alcoholic product and drugs will help them to be a healthy and better life.

Engaging in entertainment:

Depressed people should not stay alone. Instead, they should go outside and have fun with their friends. Social life will help them to overcome depression.


Yoga and physical exercise also can help them to overcome depression. It will keep the patient mind engaged to help them forget about their problems.


In this treatment procedure, negative thought from patients is ruled out.  It is was done in the group among people suffering from the same problems or their family members.


Chronic depression has major impacts on personal as well as societies. The rate of suicides and risking other life at danger among depressed people are high. So this problem must be identified in time and treated.

Various therapy, medicaments and love and support will help to treat depression, and we all can healthy and peaceful live a society.

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