Child Obesity Causes, Side Effects & Prevention

Child obesity has become of the serious issue among the children and teens of 21st generation. Unhealthy lifestyle and less excessive has appeared as the major cause of obesity among children. The excessive dependence of today’s children on junk food has become one of the main reason behind the prevalence of obesity among children of this generation. We can see on the streets, restaurants, even in schools, children using premanufactured food.

The generation parents have been more involved in their busy lifestyle rather than taking care of their children. Nowadays, parents are even allowing their children to take premanufactured food like breakfast and dinner. With this self-involved lifestyle of parents, children have become more prone to obesity at such a young age.

Child Obesity

Today’s obese children are facing many psychological and health-related issues in their childhood and adolescent. Their peers are mocking obese children in schools, playgrounds. It has caused deep negative impacts on the emotional and psychological state of children from a young age.

Obese children are preferring to stay alone because they have a fear of getting mocked by their friends. Obese children are facing discrimination even at their own home. Apart from the psychological issue, obese children are at great risk suffering from the different health-related issue — obese children. Obesity also affects the physical development of a child.

What are the main causes of childhood obesity?

There are many reasons for child obesity including medication and genetic. Mostly, this generation children are suffering from obesity because of their excessive dependence on manufactured foods and less outdoor exercise.

Here are some reason behind an obese child

Behavioural factor:

most of the children like to eat manufactured products over home-cooked foods. Children nowadays are staying inside their house playing video games, watching TV rather than playing outside on playgrounds. Less physical activities have cause obesity in children.

Environmental factors:

There are very few playing fields in an urban area, so the children are not getting a chance to perform physical activities. The advertisement in radio and tv attracted the children to depend on manufactured food over home-cooked food.

Genetic factors:

if the parents of any child are obese, there is a great chance of a child being obese too. However, the gene does not define obesity in children.


sometimes medicine used for the treatment of different health problems has caused obesity in children. Medicaments like steroids, antidepressants, and others can cause a child to have overweight.

Medical conditions:

Genetic syndromes like Prader-Willi and hormonal conditions like hypothyroidism are among the medical disorders that can cause obesity in children.

What are the examples of health risks that an obese child might face?

Children who are obese are at greater risk of a health problem than their peers having a healthy weight. Some major health risks include heart disease, diabetes, asthma sleep disorder, joint pain.


Type 2 diabetes will be a major issue among obese children. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body is not able to metabolise glucose properly. A healthy lifestyle and proper physical exercise can reverse it.

Heart disease:

Obese children suffer from different heart issues like high cholesterol, high sugar level, high blood pressure.  All these heart issues will affect the circulation of nutrition and oxygen to body tissue.


Asthma is chronic inflammation of lungs airways. Most of the obese child suffer from asthma and other breathing problems.

What is considered child obesity?

Body mass index (BMI) is one the most common tool to measure obesity. BMI defines if a child is obese or not.

If a child’s BMI is higher than 85% of other children their age and sex, they are considered at risk of being overweight.

If a child’s BMI is higher than 95% of other children their age and sex, they are considered overweight or obese.

How can we solve child obesity?

Child obesity has become of one of a major problem that has caught the eye of health professionals. Child obesity must be solved with proper guidance from doctors. Here are some points that might help to reduce the weight of an obese child.

  • Use of health and home cooked food over factory manufactured food.
  • Encouraging children to perform more physical activities.
  • Involving in certain therapy and diet as recommended by your doctor.
  • The decreasing amount of carbohydrates intake from daily food.
  • Reducing the use of chocolates and sweets.

Only healthy health habits and regular physical exercise can decrease the weight of the obese child and decrease the risk of the health and psychological problems associated with it.

As child obesity has caused serious health and psychological issues on children, a necessary effort must is taken to overcome this challenge. Parents must encourage their children to avoid unhealthy foods. Parents must make necessary arrangements so that their children can perform physical activities outside.

Not only parents, but the public health professional must also take a step to address this issue of child obesity. Child obesity causes serious negative impacts to your society so, we must jointly walk together on the journey of abolishing child obesity. Overcoming child obesity will be one milestone in setup a better tomorrow for us.


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